Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Another 2013 Recap

Seems that this is what bloggers do at the end of one year to clear the palette for the fresh new things to come. I've been rather quiet here as of late and so I thought I should end this year right with a full on recap of my creative adventures of this past year.

This year I taught myself to sew. Prior to 2013 all I had ever sewn was pajama bottoms and a couple of bags. There was one string quilt in there too, but I had never been brave enough to sew for myself. A couple of complete disasters early on had scared me away. But this year I caught the sewing bug, mainly because of one sewing pattern… the Washi Dress!

I threw caution to the wind and just jumped in and sewed. I think it was a successful  year and everything pictured above is worn or used regularly, with the exception of the blue dress with the red piping and the blue button down in the top row. That was refashioned from my husband's old shirt and my son has only worn it a couple of times. The blue drawstring pants in the first row, those are already worn out and put to pasture. That was one of those learning experiences. Linen pants for a 6 year old with no knee reinforcement will not last long!

As for my first love, there seems to be no slow down on the knitting front. I have been pretty prolific again this year and although a few things have languished and are still not complete on this last day of the year I'm ok with that. I have yarn and patterns for at least 4 sweaters already queued up and with my Stitches West attendance already planned for Feb I know there's likely to be more than that going on.

This collage is mainly for my friend P who continuously gives me crap about only knitting blue things. I think this proves that I have tempered my love for blue with all things green, brown and burgundy. Most worn item from the above collage is definitely the burgundy sweater, my Gnarled Oak.
It was kind of a boring knit for me but the outcome has been well loved and worn even though the sleeves are a touch short. Half of the items knitted were given as gifts to also prove that I'm not as selfish a knitter as people often think! 

On the cooking/baking front it's been a quiet year. I did purchase the book Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day and will be making lots from it in the coming year.  

The Challah bread in the center bottom as well as the boule from the top right location are both from that book and were both super tasty and easy to make. 

It's been a busy, productive and sometimes crazy year. My wish for the coming year is simply to learn how to live in the moment and to enjoy each day even when they are not perfect! 

Happy New Year, may 2014 bring you much happiness.