Monday, April 6, 2015

There has been quite a bit of knitting

I always think I'll write here again soon… and then months have passed. Life seems to just keep on going and I keep forgetting to update this space with some of the crafting I've been up to. Part of the reason lately is just the simple fact that I started working again. Ever since my son was born I've been home with him full time, but he's 8 now, and in the 2nd grade and it seemed the right time to start dipping my toe into the world of work again. I chose to take a small job on at my son's school so it's only about 3 hours a day, and I think it was the perfect way to start back, but it still means that I'm working most all of the hours that my son is in school. I'm working on readjusting to having to do things like grocery shopping on the weekends or with my son along for the ride.

But I digress yet again. While all of the above was going on I was still knitting every evening. And I've got two new sweaters to show for it.

The first had been in my Ravelry queue for years. I'm not sure what had me waiting. I'd had the yarn for it for a long time too. It was a fairly straight forward knit. I was worried that the collar seemed confusing or difficult but in reality it was pretty easy, just all that twisted rib took FOREVER!! Here's my new favorite sweater, Larch…

I've been reaching for this one a lot lately. The color is kind of a pinky grey and it just seems to go with everything. I also like that since it's an open cardigan it's not too hot for our weird climate here, but it helps take the chill off. I absolutely love the buttons I got for it at Stitches West from Jennie the Potter! They were the exact perfect choice!

The second sweater is Lifesavers by Tanis Lavallee of Tanis Fiber Arts fame! I saw her post a pic of the version she made for herself on Instagram and fell instantly in love. I kind of hounded her blog hoping she'd release a pattern for it and she did one better than that. She released the pattern and special kits to make the exact sweater she'd made. I had a little out of body experience and promptly ordered one! When I was in twisted rib collar hell on my Larch I spent one afternoon winding yarn for Lifesavers knowing I'd be casting on the minute Larch was on the blocking board and that is exactly what I did! And man was I crazy, I knit a fingering weight cardigan in a month.. that's a record for me. 

And I know it will be one of my favorite sweaters for the warmer months. It's the perfect weight to throw on over a t-shirt when there is a breeze or when it's cooler in the shade. 

And I have to share this photo because it makes me look way awesomer than I am in real life. A few weeks ago I 'ran' the She Is Beautiful 10k for the second year in a row. I say 'ran' because I only ran about 1 of the 6 miles and walked the rest. I keep wanting to say I'm a runner but I have this loud and very animated argument in my head every time I try to run for more than 5 minutes at a time. So during the 6 mile run I ran about 5 different stretches of no more than 2 minutes at a time, but this photo sure makes it look like I rocked that run! HAHAHA

Happy Monday! Now go knit something!