Sunday, May 4, 2014

Knitting has failed me!

I'm so surprised to say this, but knitting has abandoned me. In the past knitting has always been the thing I turn to in times of stress. It has helped me through many an emotional crisis and many a sickness. It's been crazy stressful around  here the last few days and no matter how hard I try knitting isn't helping me at all. I think maybe knitting is too second nature for me now, and doesn't use as much of my brain power as I need right now. It will keep my hands busy, but not my mind.

In its place I turned to the sewing machine this weekend. Sewing is still not second nature. It takes all brain cells to make a project work. On Saturday in a moment of supreme stress I downloaded the Ruby Top and Dress Pattern from Made by Rae. Her Washi dress is what got me sewing clothing and so I thought it would be perfect. It was.

I've had this polka dot double gauze hanging around waiting for the perfect pattern. I got it at Hart's Fabric, which I wish was right next door so I could go there every day! I knew I wanted to make a shirt with it. Turns out I need lots of shirt patterns as I tend to wear jeans or pants more often than dresses or skirts, so this one will be a great start. Maybe next May I'll have enough hand sewn items in my wardrobe to participate in Me Made May.

Anyhow, the first one I did was a straight size small and it came out great. But with the french seams I did on the side and the fully lined yoke it was just a tad short in the arm scythe area. So I redrafted the yoke pattern piece to be 1/2 inch longer and I lengthened the top by almost 3 inches. Second time is sheer perfection. It will be a great addition to my summer wardrobe.

If this stressful situation doesn't pass soon, I may have to download the Josephine Blouse next! Hmmm maybe I'll hit up Hart's for some voile!

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