Monday, March 9, 2015

Twisted Trousers testing

It's Monday morning, the first day after "Spring Forward" which has me not wanting to spring anywhere except back to bed. I don't understand why we even continue with daylight savings time, but that's a conversation for another time.

Let's talk about trousers, more specifically Twisted Trousers from Titchy Threads! You may remember that their Small Fry Skinny jeans were the first pants I was ever able to sew for little dude that fit him perfectly and showed off his skinny frame to the fullest without being overly tight. Well when Laura put out the call for testers for a new pants pattern that was a pull on, with knit elastic waistband and piping, I immediately put my name into the hat to test them.

The results are very professional even in their first test phase iteration. She has since refined the pattern to slim the leg a touch, put more emphasis on the twist itself and to scale the back pockets down a touch. I can't wait to use the official pattern version to make another pair for my guy as he's been wearing this test pair A LOT!!!

The piping detail along the twisted out seam and the back yoke is a great touch and makes for some really fun trousers, especially if you are more adventurous in your color choices than I was!

The back pockets on this initial version are pretty large but I like them. The pattern contains options to add piping around the pockets too but I opted for plain. 

The knit waistband is comfortable and the rise is high enough there's nothing popping out even when he's bending down and climbing around. I opted to do grommets and cording and wish I had had a flat tape instead of the cord but it works. 

They made it through a beach trip in fine working order with pockets full of sand to boot. 

Thanks so much Laura for letting me help test this wonderful pattern!! I can't wait to make more. 

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  1. I'm so pleased to hear these are getting lots of wear, as well as the skinny jeans. This pair should go so well with almost everything. Thanks for all the help with testing.