Thursday, July 25, 2013

Maybe it's time...

I've been reading blogs for years now. It all started innocently enough. I used the web to search for knitting patterns that were cute and free. I especially liked seeing pictures of how the finished knits fit people, or the interesting ways they would wear a shawl or a beret. Mostly I lurked. I lurked on a LOT of blogs before I ever commented on one!

Along came and I was officially hooked. Free contemporary knitting patterns with lots of amazing pictures! What knitter at the time didn't fall instantly in love?  From there I found the blogs of the knitting designers, then links to blogs those designers were reading, and so on and on and on and on and on...

My love of knitting morphed into a love of being busy with some sort of crafting every day. I find I am less restless and more contented when I have my fingers in the crafting soup. Over the past year or so my first love of knitting has had to share time with my new obsession, sewing. I have expensive taste,  but a thrifty budget, and so the cute and cottony dresses from Anthropologie or Boden are beyond my reach. I had sewed many flannel baby blankets over the years but was always intimidated by clothing or things involving the dreaded zipper foot. Many blogs like Film in the Fridge and Made by Rae helped me get over these fears. Once the Washi dress pattern came out I was done for... I'm in the middle of sewing my FIFTH (yes you read that right 5th) one!! I love the confidence this pattern has given me, and can't wait to try out other patterns that my new found skills can conquer!

Since I've been essentially journaling all my sewing and knitting adventures for a while now, and boring my friends and family with photos on FB, I thought maybe it was time to put them up on a blog and bore anyone else who was interested too! I don't know if this attempt at blogging will take, so let's see how it goes!

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