Tuesday, August 13, 2013

It's all about Star Wars around here.

My son is smitten with Star Wars. He has watched at least part of all 6 movies and knows way more of the back story than I do. Probably even more than my husband. Every time we go to the library we come home with more Star Wars books from which I learn even more than I ever knew possible. Did you know that Han Solo was raised by Wookies and that that is why he can understand Chewbacca? I had no idea!

So we were at Joann's the other day and he saw the newly revamped displays of all the themed cotton. Star Wars was right up in front and he immediately wanted all of it. I tried to talk him out of it, I mean the boy has like 8 pairs of pajamas and I just couldn't think of what else to  make him with this crazy fabric. He was undeterred and demanded a shirt. It's hard to argue with a young boy who is excited to be in a fabric shop with his mom and is demanding she sew something for him.. so I went to the pattern books and searched around for a simple button down shirt. We ended up with Simplicity 5581, had our fabric cut and were on our way.

2 days later we had this:

It came out pretty well. I didn't have enough fabric to do the placket facings in the star wars material so I used a weird navy fabric I had in my stash.. I think it's some kind of blend because it did weird things when I ironed it. 

 Millenium Falcon on the pocket!

I picked the button placement so that it could be buttoned pretty high without it giving the Poindexter look that comes from a collar fully buttoned. My child will ALWAYS button that top button no matter what!  Since I didn't have any buttons on hand I rogued them from one of my husbands unworn shirts. They are perfectly simple. 

All in all a good sewing adventure. The collar directions were vague at best so I just kind of winged it. I also didn't do the fancy vent at the bottom side seams. The fact that my son put it right on and wore it all day was testament to my success. An added bonus was that he was wearing it with mama-made shorts as well. A truly hand made day! 

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