Thursday, September 19, 2013

Chaos of crafting

My crafting space is small, just an "L" shape desk, and it's in the middle of the house. Right in the family room, which is connected to the dining room and kitchen. While this location is fantastic for being able to do a few things at once, multitasking anyone?! It also means that the chaos that ensues can sometimes be overwhelming! My desk can be a drop zone for everyones stuff.

Yesterday morning as I enjoyed my cup of coffee while scrolling through Bloglovin, I kept getting annoyed that there was no space to move. The entire desktop was covered with stuff! Look at this, it's crazy, especially since I'm normally a pretty organized person!

Ok, let's see what's on there... my sewing machine is surrounded by stuff! I couldn't use it unless I re-located all this crap. In front of it are two skeins of yarn for a project my cousin asked if I could make. Behind it is a half finished sewing project, a project that needs mending and a half drawn pattern for a new item I hope to be able to make. Behind that the blue magazine holder is my attempt at organizing patterns being used.. ha ha it's working GREAT, don't ya think?

Then there's my son's chore chart that I had to check off, but before I could do that I had to move stuff out of the way to make room, there's a random gift card laying almost on top of my mouse. What's up with that?!

On the cutting mat, which is clearly useless under all that clutter, we have school papers, yarn catalogs, cookbooks and sewing pattern books. To top it all off is the My Lowes application the cashier wouldn't let me leave the store without! UGH. The only thing missing is one of my son's transformers, which I had already moved to HIS desk before snapping the photo!

I spent the morning after school drop off, rearranging the clutter. I pulled out that half finished project and FINISHED IT! Amazing how it only took me about 45 minutes  to get this:

Another pair of Oliver and S cargo pants without the cargo pockets. The first pair I made were awesome, but since my son never used the cargo pockets and he doesn't ever wear a belt, I simplified the second pair and made them without those two details. I LOVED the way they looked, and they get worn a ton. This navy pair is my third pair made with these modifications. On this pair I modified further by lengthening the rise by about an inch and lengthening the pant length by about an inch.

My favorite detail is the contrasting waistband fabric:

Anyhow, long story short, if I would just finish things and then put them where they belong, my desk would be much cleaner. Getting it cleaned off and functioning again yesterday only took me a little over an hour, including sewing time! What was I waiting for?

Does your crafting space draw clutter to it like mine? I'd love to hear!

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