Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The sewing machine got dusted off!

I have this button down shirt that I got at TjMaxx last year that I love. It's made of this amazing cotton that feels like double gauze but I really have no idea what it is. I bought it and wear it regularly even though it's kinda tight. I have really broad shoulders and a long torso and this shirt was not made to fit me, but I LOOOOOOVE it and wear it anyways!  A few weeks ago I spent a bunch of time tracing it hoping to create a pattern for it so I could make one that actually fits. Then after much thinking and over thinking on my part I said HEY! I have that pattern for a shirt dress! Why not modify that instead of trying to start from scratch! DING! Light bulb on! The pattern is Simplicity Lisette 2246 Traveler Dress! 

I made view C last spring and it came out pretty well!

And I thought that view A would work as a shirt if I shortened it. I traced the pattern on tracing paper (thanks Dad for giving me that old roll of wide tracing paper! He's an architect and had a bunch of rolls of wide tracing paper he doesn't use anymore!)  I measured my favorite shirt for length and added about  two inches total.  I followed the curves for view B to make it have a bit more interest. I sewed up a muslin of the fronts and back to make sure the size would work before going to all the trouble of sewing it all together.

This fabric came from Joann's to use as a wearable muslin. Knowing it might not work, I wanted to test it on the cheap first. It  is just some quilting cotton but I thought the flowers were cute and with my coupon I got it for 55% off.

I accidentally cut a 14 collar and it didn't fit with the 12 neckline very well (go figure!),  but I fudged it and made it work. I thought the sleeves were a little weird, being that they are meant to be rolled up but they don't  have a lining or anything, which in my mind makes the sleeves look like kind of an afterthought.  I decided to copy the button tabs from my favorite shirt to make it look more intentional, but sewed them down permanently since the sleeves will never be worn down.

In this pic they are just pinned in place. 

My machine is being finicky about button holes right now so I decided to do snaps, which I actually like a lot. After attaching them, I put the shirt on for these pics and kept it on the whole rest of the day! All in all I am happy with how this came out. The fit is good, the shoulders are right on. After sewing a slightly smaller seam allowance on the upper arms, they fit great too. The length is perfect! The shirt is slim without being tight and now I can't wait to make one out of this awesome polka dot double gauze I got at Hart's Fabric! I think that one will be a much closer replica of my favorite shirt. Yay for sewing! 

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