Sunday, October 19, 2014


Two posts in one week? WHAAAT??? I have a confession to make… I recently became obsessed with owning a bundt pan. OK I know that's not much of a confession, but it was kind of a kooky thing to have on your mind all the time for weeks.

Back before the boy I worked at an AWESOME place. It was a children's publishing company and the people there all became like family for me since I was living 3,000 miles away from my actual family. Every so often (at least a few times a year) we would have a big potluck luncheon with all this amazing food. I was always super excited and hopeful that one of my coworkers would bring her famous sour cream coffee bundt cake! I swear I got the recipe from her a thousand and a half times but since I was too cheap, ummm I mean frugal, to buy a bundt pan I never made it and the recipe disappeared.

Fast forward 10+ years and the new King Arthur Flour catalog showed up in my mailbox with the cover showing every type of bundt cake you could ever make. I'm still frugal.. maybe even more so since now I'm a stay at home mom still and we live in what often feels like THE MOST EXPENSIVE PLACE ON EARTH! I could not justify spending $40 on a pan to bake a pretty cake, I mean how often was I actually going to use this thing? So I kept trying to put it off but really I just wanted to pop it all in my online cart at KAF and make bundt cakes every day.

And so it was that on a search for rain boots for my son I found a Farberware Bundt pan at a discount retailer for $6.99! It's not as heavy and detailed as the Nordicware ones but it gets good reviews and my first banana bundt cake came out gorgeous!  Today I searched the Internet for a sour cream coffee cake that might be similar and came across this one! I used my homemade vanilla yogurt in place of sour cream and my bundt pan is a 10 " I think so the cake is not as tall.

I may need to ease up on the amount of baking spray I use since the top of the cake has this weird honeycomb texture. And you can see how simple the detail on this pan is. Everything is much more rounded than on a more expensive and heavier pan but I'm OK with that. 

I also added a simple powered sugar glaze to the top of the cake and may have eaten two pieces before I could photograph it. Yay for obsessions satisfied!

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