Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 Recap

And so, on this last day of 2014 I decided a recap was necessary. Sometimes at this time of year I feel a bit down. I think it's the distance from family, the grey days and throwing in a little sickness never helps. But in an effort to remind myself of how much fun was had and how many things were accomplished in this tough year, I made some collages.

First up, cooking. 2014 became the year I learned to cook. Now by this I don't mean that I became some fabulous chef or something, what I learned how to do was meal plan and follow through. Granted there were days when we ate scrambled eggs for dinner but I still consider that a win, because I actually planned the basics and therefore HAD eggs in the house to cook! Of course this year I also did a lot of baking. I finally tried to make pate a choux, which was something I always assumed would be too difficult. YUM homemade cream puffs are tasty! I also deem this "year of the bundt cake"as I finally got myself a bundt pan! The return of the pizzelle also made this Christmas season a little tastier and I'm so happy to finally have gotten a new pizzelle iron!

Most cooked new dish of the year: Beef and Broccoli/ Crock Pot Yogurt
Biggest fail of the year: Modern Beef Bourgiugnon 

Next up is sewing (with a little basic crafting thrown in)! I have branched out bit this year and have sewn things a bit out of my comfort zone! It still continues to be a fun and rewarding hobby and one that helps with my general restlessness!

reminder **don't pin pics of my child**
Biggest sewing accomplishments: Jeans/ Designing my own purse pattern/ P's Quilt/ Anakin Costume
Biggest fail: T-shirt sewing 

Rounding out the year is Knitting, my first crafting love! I was pretty prolific again this year and hope my knitting mojo remains intact through 2015 and for years to come.

Biggest Knitting Accomplishment: Burrard Cabled Cardigan. It was a labor of love!
Biggest knitting fail: Inland Cardigan (too bulky, doesn't fit right, total MEH!!)
Most knit item of 2014: Socks! I knit at least 7 pairs this year!

2014 brought its challenges, that's for sure, but my friends, family and my crafting really helped me through all of it. When I feel restless to be "doing something" I remind myself that there was a LOT of fun this year, I mean c'mon I have the surfing scar on my knee to forever remind me that I checked Hawaii off my bucket list this year! 

Here's wishing you and yours a very happy, healthy 2015 in which you get to do all the things and spend time with all the people you love! Now I'm off to continue to KNIT ALL THE THINGS, after I clean under all the beds, can't start 2015 with dust bunnies!! 

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