Monday, February 16, 2015

Burrard take 2

I realized just now that I have yet to post modeled shots of my Burrard Cardigan. I put buttons on it and since we were lucky enough to have a little cold snap here in CA I was able to put it right on and start wearing it. I brought it with me to FL for Thanksgiving and since it was oddly cold there too, I wore it almost the whole week.

It did end up a little larger than I usually would want. I knit the smallest size which was 37.75 ".  This on my 35" bust gives me over 2 inches of positive ease as it is. but this yarn has very little memory which might be a problem over time because it keeps growing. But you know, I think I'm OK with having this sweater be a little big. If I were still living in a cold climate I'd want it to be big enough to layer a couple of T-shirts under. 

What I ended up with is  a super comfy and cozy sweater that is extremely warm without being heavy at all.  The collar will require a little bit of help to stay folded down all the say. I kind of wish it had a broader collar in general but I like the high v-neck and how it frames my face. 

Here's me and T being goofy on Thanksgiving. This sweater came off the needles and made it right into rotation, which is the true proof that it's a great sweater that will be loved and worn for years and years. 

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